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11.02 - 18.02 2020

Win gig tickets


British instrumental rock outfits Codes In The Clouds plays Rotondes this weekend, and Delano has pairs of tickets to give away to our readers.


Expat Guide Settling in

Energy and water suppliers.

Photo credit: Tim Hodson via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Creos is a provider of natural gas and electricity.

Phone: 26 24 26 24

Email: info@creos.net

Website: www.creos-net.lu


Eida is a supplier of green electricity and natural gas throughout Luxembourg.

Where: 6 Jos Seyler Strooss
, L-8522 Beckerich

Phone: 26 47 47

Email: info@eida.lu

Website: www.eida.lu


Electricity provider.

Where: 25 rue G.-D. Charlotte 
, L-7501 Mersch

Phone: 80 02 80 32

Email: info@electris.lu

Website: www.electris.lu


Electricity and natural gas provider.

Where: 2 Domaine 
du Schlassgoard
, L-4327 Esch-sur-Alzette

Phone: 27 37 1

Email: serviceline@enovos.eu

Website: www.enovos.lu

Luxembourg City water supply

Owners or tenants must sign a declaration for a water meter with the Service des Eaux in Luxembourg City or the Bierger-Center.

Where: 338 rue de Rollingergrund
, L-2442 Limpertsberg

Phone: 47 96 25 68

Email: lecture@vdl.lu

Website: www.vdl.lu

Luxembourg Energy Office

Leo is a supplier of energy, electricity, gas and water in Luxembourg City.

Where: 9 boulevard Roosevelt
, L-2450 Luxembourg

Phone: 26 39 48 48

Email: serviceline@leoenergy.lu

Website: www.leoenergy.lu


The electricity provider is a partnership between the northern cities of Ettelbruck and Diekirch and Cegedel.

Phone: 27 62 328 0

Email: mail@nordenergie.lu

Website: www.nordenergie.lu


Provider of potable water throughout Luxembourg.

Where: Rue de Lultzhausen
, L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre

Phone: 83 95 91 1

Website: www.sebes.lu


Electricity provider.

Phone: 27 62 07 40 0

Email: mail@steinergy.lu

Website: www.steinergy.lu


Electricity distributor for the Esch-sur-Alzette area.

Where: 11 rue de Luxembourg
, L-4220 Esch-sur-Alzette

Phone: 26 783 787 01

Email: mail@sudstroum.lu

Website: www.sudstroum.lu


Natural gas supplier and distributor.

Where: 150, rue 
Jean-Pierre Michels
, L-4243 Esch-sur-Alzette

Phone: 55 66 55 1

Email: contact@sudgaz.lu

Website: www.sudgaz.lu

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